As Özdemir Reducer, we produce all of our products in our Kemalpaşa factory, fully equipped to produce with respect to the most advanced quality environment requirements in the world.

High Quality
In order to offer the best quality products to our consumers, we manufacture in totally enclosed environment with ISO and TSE Quality Management systems applied worldwide. We continually maintain our quality control on a specific level and increase our R&D work.

Work Safety First
In order to ensure the safety of our employees and suppliers, and to adopt and disseminate the culture of "safety first" in the workplace and outside the workplace, we pay more attention to the ISO standards that we carry out in all our fields of activity.

Quality and Productivity in Production
With our ÖRS named system for quality and productivity, we aim to improve the quality, industrial performance and job security conditions in production management. ÖRS makes the production environment as simple, clear and secure as possible, and provides high quality production concentration, which is the main work of the employee; it helps us on the way of high quality production with customer satisfaction Our Kemalpaşa Plant, with the help of ongoing ÖRS applications, has been the most efficient production facility of Özdemir Redüktör with the latest technology investment and trained manpower in order to increase productivity, to make production lines flexible and effective and to create a safe production environment.

High Environmental Awareness
We are a company that considers taking important precautions to protect the environment as one of our priorities in the process from the supply of raw materials of our products to the last consumer. Within the scope of the environmental management system applied in our factory, we are especially working on energy and water saving, wastewater treatment, waste management, emission and noise reduction. The Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) has approved the compliance of our environmental management system with the ISO standard to reduce the environmental impact of our factory in Kemalpaşa to minimum and to control this effect.