Our company, which started its activities with Hanifi Özdemir on 01.10.1985 with the production of spare parts and equipments of machinery and also in parallel the production of reducers, has continued to work with the strength and support it has received from you day by day and extended its fields of activity.

The company named as ÖZDEMİR REDÜKTÖR MAKİNE SANAYİİ VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ in 16.01.1992 by extending its knowledge feels justified pride of maintaining its successful works relying on its years of experience.

Reducer production has gained importance in our country in the days when industrialization movements and accelerating efforts to integrate with the world upgrade. Özdemir Redüktör Makine Sanayi under the light of this formation, manufactures reducers on a rigorous work platform, faithful to the quality principles that it has devotedly applied in the power and cycle numbers that can be responded to every need , and it responds to domestic and international demands as quickly as possible.

The reducers in our manufacturing line are designed in world standards and they are produced in latest system CNC automatic workbenches using modern production methods and presented in various body types in the direction of wishes and desires.

Our company, which will continue manufacturing on the same quality level, is happy to help you with this service and wishes you success in your business.

Best regards,,


  • 1985: The first workshop was established by Hanifi Özdemir in Karabağlar and the production of worm gear reducer was started.
  • 1987: Hanifi, Muammer and Şaaddin Özdemir brothers gathered together to launch a new company that will direct the reducer market.
  • 1990: The company's headquarters were established at the 1st industrial site and domestic and international marketing activities were started.
  • 1993: The factory was established in Kısık ESTİM industrial zone.
  • 1995: Serial production started with high technology investment.
  • 2002: Moved to the new modern factory in Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone
  • 2003: Manufactured the molds of aluminum injection worm gear reducer which was the first step in this area taken in Turkey.
  • 2005: An aluminum injection molding foundry was built in the factory.
  • 2008: A chill foundry was established in the factory.
  • 2009: Exports attempts were accelerated and distributorship agreements were made with companies in various countries.
  • 2010: Additional factory was established. An additional factory was established on Ankara road region to increase the quality of service and to meet the demands from abroad and domestic in the fastest, highest quality and most reliable way.