Özdemir Redüktör works with an understanding of in-place management under the unifying framework of common culture and collective consciousness, knowing that the real power is "human". Employees of Özdemir Redüktör face a lot of opportunities according to the performance they show while they are going on their career path.

Ozdemir Redüktör adopts a holistic management system to achieve its basic and strategic objectives. For this reason, the implemented Performance Management System is aimed at achieving company goals and personal goals in parallel. The performance evaluation results are reflected in the individual development, career planning and rewarding / remuneration issues of the individual.

In our valuation system based on the Balanced Scorecard technique, we use the Critical Success Indicators (KPIs) selected at the beginning of the year and agreed on their goals.

The Özdemir Redüktör group grow their own managers

The development of the Özdemir Redüktör employee is the joint responsibility of the employee and the company. Development activities are designed taking into account the needs of employees, performance and competencies. Employees are supported with training in individual development, management and specialization areas. Efficiency programs are implemented on a regular basis to reflect the idea of being productive in behaviors and to increase the business results positively. In parallel with the developments in the organization, the planning of bringing high potential candidates to management positions is one of the constant targets

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